The main part that is important in the regal and anti-theft door setting and it can be said that the basis of the reggae's work in its proper function is the hinge, which has high resistance and keeps the lid in a tight frame.

Anti-theft door repairers know very well how many hinges and at what distances are needed to realize the rag of these doors, of course it should be noted that the regal is done properly when all the parts are well regulated. The problems that arise in getting out of the anti-theft door regulator are high, the main of which is the clampdown on the opening and closing, which in addition to reducing the efficiency of the anti-theft door, also causes a relaxation.

In order to regalize the anti-theft door, the repairman must check all the parts including fittings and hinges and add an auxiliary hinge if needed or use a special gasket to raise the lid, the Chinese anti-theft door which has a difficult vessel is not applicable with these points and it is necessary that the anti-theft door repairman also has a welder force to move the hinges if needed.

Removing the sound of the anti-theft door with a correct and principled vein is resolved and you don't need to worry, just to keep the repairer up to all the tips related to the repair of the anti-theft door.

Regalage and anti-theft door repair

One of the things that every building may need and the only solution to this problem is the knowledge and expertise of the repairer who repairs the door. Today, the use of anti-theft doors in buildings is becoming quite common and people use these doors to keep them safe and comfortable. Because of their complex structure and over time, these doors have problems that require repair and reggae, which is one of the weaknesses of anti-theft doors that ordinary people cannot repair and rectify.

In the repair of the anti-theft door, the experience and knowledge of the repairman plays an important role and the complete tool along with the expertise will solve the problems of these doors.

Anti-theft door problems

1- Getting out of the regal

2- Breaking the hinge

3- Sound penetration from the anti-theft door into the building

4- Defects in the brain lock of the door

5- Defects in fittings

6- Failure and defects in the lock

7- Deterioration and downtime of handle efficiency

The services that ATAR Door offers:

A- Replacing anti-theft door locks with Turkish Calais and Duff locks approved by reputable manufacturing companies

B- Replacing broken hinges or adding hinges to the anti-theft door if needed

C- Brain replacement of the door

(h) Anti-theft door reggae and fixing stuck and problems in opening and closing

F- Repair and replacement of door fittings

D- Removing the sound of the anti-theft door

Unfortunately, many manufacturers of anti-theft doors do not comply with the standards and principles necessary in the manufacture of anti-theft doors, which reduces the lifespan of parts of these doors and does not bring enough security, but do not worry that all problems can be solved and by replacing the faulty anti-theft door lock with the principle, you can increase its security.

Replacement of anti-theft door locks

The most important part of the anti-theft door is its lock, which makes it safe and commensurate with the structure it has, preventing burglars and aliens from penetrating the apartment. The lock of these doors breaks down after a while, causing problems that require a skilled repairman to replace the anti-theft lock and can replace the calais lock with a disabled lock.

Calais anti-theft lock is the best lock available in the market which meets all the necessary standards and is produced and imported in Turkey. The most important part of the locking of these doors is the brain that in order to replace the brain lock, parts such as the night bracelet and the rosette bowl should be unlocked and the pucks should be removed from it.

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